ONEWeekly Classes at Dream City Church, Phoenix, Arizona (formally Phoenix First) 

The Making of a Chaplain is about helping those who want to serve their community as a Chaplain, but who cannot break away to pursue a four year degree.  It provides the instruction, interaction, accountability and relationships that are not available through correspondence or internet courses.

The Making of a Chaplain is a college or university course.  You will receive the absolute best in ministerial training.

The Making of a Chaplain is a Certified Teaching Alliance of the Phoenix University of Theology. Classes taken earn students college credit hours when applied to a degree program. Life experience counts as well. The Making of a Chaplain two (2) year program will earn you 30 credits!

The Making of a Chaplain has no printed textbooks.
The 11 textbooks are in Apple iBook format. The textbooks contain over 2,200 pages and 218 videos from some of the most anointed Biblical teachers.

The Making of a Chaplain curriculum has been taught for over 8 years here at Dream City Church. Over 100 Chaplains have been certified. Each year it is improved

Your Church can Partner with The Making of a ChaplainTWO

We will teach you and your church will supervise your training. The teaching will take place thru eleven (11) textbooks in iBook format. These text books contain 218 video teachings by such teachers as Max Lacado, Joyce Meyer, Pat and Gordon Robertson, Rick Renner, John Bevere, and Tommy Barnett, plus many others.

 Your Church can purchase the complete curriculum of The Making of a ChaplainTHREE

Your own teachers will then teach and train those in the congregation to become Chaplains that can minister to the needs of your community. They will work in cooperation with local civic organizations, government organizations, hospitals, rape crisis centers, and others who give care to those in need.

More detailed information is found in the “INFORMATION BOOKLET”. Download from the BECOME A CHAPLAIN page.


Chaplains Minister in soup kitchens, corporations, disaster areas, prisons, public safety agencies, motorcycles rallies, AIDS hospices, nursing homes, truck-stops, and rodeos. They like to blend in with those to whom they minister. Chaplains aren’t looking for accolades, they are looking for souls to win for Jesus Christ. It’s really a WAY OF LIFE. Chaplains are full of compassion, sensitive and caring, devoted to helping others.

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